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Ritrama 80 microni alb lucios monomeric adeziv permanent spate alb

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Cod produs: RI-JET145G105

  • Finisare:  Alb lucios
  • Lungime:  50 m
  • Tip:  Print
  • Tehnologie:  Solvent  Eco-Solvent  Mild-Solvent  Low-Solvent  UV 
    Adeziv:  Acrylic permanent 
    Vinil:  Monomeric 
    Grosime:  80mic 
    Aplicație:  Colantare  Decor interior  Producție publicitară  Print indoor  Print outdoor 
    Altele:  Spate alb 

Documentatie produs:

1.05 m 1.26 m 1.40 m 1.60 m

Folie din vinil monomeric produs de compania Ritrama, în Italia.

Înainte de a fi comercializate, toate foliile sunt supuse unui proces strict de aprobare privind testele de imprimabilitate, pentru a asigura o calitate constantă.

Pentru cele mai bune performanțe, este recomandat să utilizați folia combinată cu folia transparentă de la Ritrama.

Aplicatiile recomandate sunt urmatoarele: print pentru indoor și outdoor, colantare vehicule pe suprafete plane, decor.

Acest autocolant oferă imprimabilitate excelentă cu majoritatea imprimantelor cu jet de cerneală și cu toate cernelurile de pe piață de astăzi. Rezultate excelente pentru print cu cerneluri UV, solvent si eco solvent.

Adeziv acrilic permanent, se poate aplica pe o mare varietate de materiale.

Nu aderă la suprafete fabricate din PE si PP!

Face Material Gloss white monomeric vinyl film. Type Monomeric vinyl Colour and Finish Gloss white Weight 107 g/m² ±10% ISO-536 Thickness 80 μ ±10% ISO 534-80 Adhesive Acrylic permanent adhesive featuring high clarity and very high cohesion. Designed for a wide variety of substrates such as glass, ABS, PS, PVC. Unsuitable for apolar surfaces (like PE and PP). Reference AP940 permanent Type Acrylic permanent Min. Appl. Temp. +10°C Service Temp. -30°C/+120°C Shear Medium Tack Medium N/inch² Final Adhesion High N/inch Liner Type One side siliconised clay coated Kraft Colour and Finish White Weight 135 g/m² ±10% PP-032 - ISO 536 Thickness 145 μ ±10% ISO 534 Transparency n.a. % DIN 53 147-64

Applications For advertising and promotional applications (outdoor and indoor posters, billboards and signs) and for vehicle applications (flat sided including buses, trams and taxis). Printing Methods The RI-JET series of ink-jet print media gives excellent print results with UV, solvent and eco-solvent ink-jet printing. Testing for suitability between media, printers and inks is always recommended prior to use. Shelf life 24 months, applicable only to the material delivered by Ritrama which has not undergone further processing, under the following STORAGE CONDITIONS: • This material must be stored at a temperature of 22°C ± 2°C and 50 ± 5% of Relative Humidity. • Storage area must be dry and clean. • Keep the material in the original packaging when not used in order to protect it from dust and contamination. • Do not expose to direct sunlight or heat sources.

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